Museum Musings

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By The Staff

* Cynthiana Democrat, July 31, 1947 - “Notice to Subscribers - Increases in monthly rates for local exchange telephone service and interstate message toll service in the State of Kentucky filed with the Kentucky Public Service Commission July 10, 1947 - To become effective Aug. 1, 1947 under the provisions of the Kentucky Statutes are as follows, including Cynthiana: Business- Individual fine 25 cents; 4 party line 25 cents; 5 party line, 25 cents. Residence - Individual line 15 cents; 2 party line 15 cents; 4 party line 15 cents; 5 party line 15 cents.”

* Cynthiana Kentuckian, Aug. 14, 1969 - “A letter from Col. John Floyd to Col. William Preston dated Boonesboro, July 21, 1776 says, ‘Hinkston Station has been broken up. Nineteen of the settlers are now here or on their way in.’ However, Hinkston later came back and reoccupied his improvement. Many descendants of Hinston are still living on the original land.”

* Chinese proverb - “Water and words are easy to pour but impossible to recover.”

* Cynthiana News, Nov. 21, 1851 - “The Stockolders of the Covington and Lexington Rail Road Company of Harrison County are hereby notified that they must pay the undersigned $10 on each share of stock between now and the 25th November for the purpose of paying for the work done in this county. A large number of hands are now at work, and they will need their money. It is hoped the Stockholders will call and pay without delay. Stockholders are entitled to six per cent interest on all money from the date it is paid in. Oct. 17, 1851 Tr. Cov. & Lex. R. R. for H. C.”

* Cynthiana News, Jan. 9, 1868 - “The Peak family will amuse the people of Cynthiana on Thursday night at the Courthouse, after the lecture of Admiral Semms. This is the most famous family of Swiss Bell Ringers in the world, and the music they make is beautiful. No one who loves music should fail to go.”

* English Proverb - “Kind hearts are the gardens; kind thoughts are the roots; kind words are the flowers; kind deeds are the fruits.”

* Cynthiana Democrat, Dec. 9, 1937 - “The court gave the city permission to cut off a strip of sidewalk 4 by 200 feet in front of the court house, in order to widen the street and dedicate same to the city.”

* 1940 - “The Bearded Devil - Is Forced - To Dwell - In The Only Place - Where They Don’t Sell - Burma Shave”

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