Museum Musings

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* “A new year is a magic chest. The gift of time is in it. So guard it well and do not lose one precious golden minute.”
* Cynthiana Democrat, Jan. 16, 1930 -- Cromwell’s Comments- “I began to skate when about 12 years of age, and can readily recall the first pair of skates I owned. The frame work was of wood with a long screw inserted in the heel, which was to be screwed into the heel of the shoe or boot with a strap for the instep and toe...From home (Cromwell farm was near Infirmary Lane off New Lair Road) I have often, on my skates, followed the river to town, where I would always find a large crowd on the ice. Opposite the old stone jail was then the favorite gathering place, whence we skated up and down the river, playing shinney, cutting fancy figures, and sometimes starting for a race to the Keller’s Dam and back...As a small boy I remember very few ladies who skated. Can recall at this time only Mattie D. Todd (Do you know her relation to President Lincoln and her position in Cynthiana?) and Emma Spohn. Later almost all of the girls of our set acquired the accomplishment, and many hours we spent on the ice, especially by moonlight, and failing a moon we would build fires which served both for light and heat.”
* John M. Cromwell (1862-1951) was a banker, Cynthiana Mayor, Cynthiana Democrat columnist, and local history buff. In 2002, thanks to the late George D. Slade, William (Bill) A. Penn (our steadfast local historian and photographer extraordinaire) and George Jacobs (current Cynthiana Democrat publisher) who created and published Cromwell’s Comments. What a treasury of our history, both in text and pictures. Copies of Cromwell’s Comments are available for $10 each at the museum.
Hopefully, one of your new year’s resolutions is to visit the Cynthiana-Harrison County Museum which in its 20th year is still open on Fridays and Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Faithful volunteers work to preserve and share our local history.