Museum Musings

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* Cynthiana Democrat, Feb. 23, 1928 -- (Cromwell’s Comments) - “In 1878, J. A. Brown purchased what was then known as the ‘Broadwell’ home, later known as the Elks’ Home, now the site of several beautiful residences (corner of Pike Street, Clifton Road). At that time it was an ideal location for that which it afterwards became, ‘Harrison Female College’ as the old residence had many rooms of ample size and the surrounding grounds were spacious and well shaded.”
* Log Cabin, Aug. 2, 1946  -- “H. Cecil Skidmore of Elizabethtown is expected to come here in about a month and with Watts Franklin will operate the Redd Hardware Co. as a partnership. (Do you know the location?)
* Max Lerner -- “Of the many things we have done to democracy in the past, the worst has been the indignity of taking it for granted.”
* Cynthiana Democrat, Oct. 1, 1918 -- “Mr. and Mrs. John W. Poindexter have received a letter from a comrade of their son, Gaylon, stating that Gaylon is in a hospital in France . . . but that he is getting along all right.” (World War I)
* Cynthiana Democrat, July 26,1934 -- “An all time heat record, so far as it is known, was set here Sunday afternoon when the Rohs thermometer climbed to 107 degrees in the shade. . .A large crowd of Saturday shoppers sweltered under a temperature of 106 degrees.”
How much do you really know about Memorial Day? When and by whom was the holiday established? In memory of whom? Why was Harrison Memorial Hospital so named? Have you recently visited the Cynthiana-Harrison County Museum? Faithful volunteers open the museum for you on Fridays and Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.