Museum Musings

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* Cynthiana Democrat, March 27, 1930 -- “Dennis Williams was granted a permit to erect a two story brick business house with fire proof on the corner of Pike and Walnut Streets.”
* Log Cabin, Oct. 30, 1942 -- “It was learned here yesterday from reliable sources that the court house fence containing a high type scrap iron and weighing 75 tons would be torn down today and thrown on the ‘Donated Scrap Pile.’ Among those who have asked that their fences be town down and turned into the scrap for use against the Japs and Nazis, and not previously listed, are Charles L. Reickel, H.A. Rohs, Houston Renaker, Mrs. John Arnold, J.T. Rees, Edgar Hampton, and H.R. Terry. Mr. Rohs stated yesterday that a quantity of high type pewter and brass fixtures from the old Aeolian Hall of ante-bellum vintage would be tossed into the scrap and proceeds donated to the County War Chest.” (Have you seen a picture of the court house with such a fence? Have you visited the museum?)
* Anne Frank (1929-1945) -- “How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.” (You have read the “Diary of Anne Frank,” haven’t you?)
* City Council, May 29, 1865 -- “Be it ordained by the Mayor and Board of Councilmen of the City of Cynthiana that from and after the first day of June, 1865, no person shall be allowed to keep a bull within the city limits except he be kept within a closure as to not be exposed to public view.”
* Cynthiana Democrat, March 27, 1930 -- “The Terry-Marsh-Cummins Co. leased the fixtures and sold the stock of the Dixie Inn on Main Street operated by R. A. Karrick to Mrs. C. Biancke and Joe Biancke, who will take possession of the business about April 1, when a number of changes will be made. Mrs. Biancke and Mr. and Mrs. Harry Whitaker will have apartments on the second floor of the building.”
The Cynthiana-Harrison County Museum, The Rohs Theatre Building on Walnut Street, is open on Fridays and Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. for you and yours. There is so much history to preserve and share!