Museum Musings

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* Log Cabin, Jan. 14, 1910 -- “At the rink Tuesday night, Mamie Jett was awarded the prize for the best lady skating. There were six young ladies tied for the prize, and Tuesday night, Jett proved the winner. She was presented with a season ticket to the rink.”
* Cynthiana Democrat, Feb. 8, 1951 -- “At Wednesday night’s evangelistic service here at the First Methodist Church, the evangelist, Dr. R. J. Rees, exclusively demonstrated that sometimes the power of suggestion is most powerful. Upon calling members of the board of stewards, the trustees, and leaders in the Women’s Society to the altar, he emphasized the importance they have in the affairs of the church, and he added that the ‘congregation back there in the audience is right behind you in every undertaking.’ Upon listing the various phases of church work the members could cooperate in, he mentioned ‘winning souls, raising money, and patching the plaster.’ When he mentioned plaster, for emphasis, he slapped the altar rail - and with the stroke came down a big batch of plaster off the church ceiling.”
* John Updike -- “January - The days are short, the sun a spark Hung thin between The dark and dark. The sky is low. The wind is gray. The radiator purrs all day.”
* Log Cabin, Dec. 6, 1907 -- “Juicy roasts and steaks at Dill’s New Meat Market, Phone 73.”
* Cynthiana News, Oct. 31, 1851 -- “The first story of the new court house is up. It is 12 feet high. The second story which is to be 18 feet high is progressing. On the ground floor are to be the court room, the two clerk’s offices, Sheriff’s offices and Commissioner’s offices. On the upper floor are to be the circuit court and jury rooms.”
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