Museum Musings

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* Veteran’s Day, 11/11/11 - Thank you to all you special men and women who have defended and served our country and all of us through the years. No freedom is not free. We must remember this and teach this to our young people.
* The Cynthiana-Harrison County Museum on Walnut Street has several displays dedicated to the military. One section has several huge binders filled with stories and photographs of Harrison County veterans. These stories truly will make you express gratitude.
* The collection of veterans’ accounts is an ongoing project. Does your or a family member’s report need to be included? Stop by the museum and talk to a volunteer.
* The Log Cabin, May 11, 1945 - “The entire student body of the Cynthiana High School met in the auditorium at 8 o’clock Tuesday morning to hear the broadcasts by President Truman and Prime Minister Churchill proclaiming the unconditional surrender of Germany V-E programs were given at a number of the county schools immediately following the conclusion of President Truman’s official announcement of V-E Day, auto horns began blaring, the court house and church bells began pealing the glad tidings of Nazi surrender.”
* The Cynthiana Democrat, Aug. 16, 1945 - “Space Almost Exhausted on Service Board - There remained room for only a very few names on the boards on the court house lawn of men and women from Harrison County in the service of their country.” (A copy of the boards is displayed at the museum.)
* Burma Shave, 1942 - “Maybe You Can’t - Shoulder A Gun - But You Can Shoulder - The Cost Of One - Buy Defense Bonds”
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