Museum Musings

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By The Staff


* Cynthiana Democrat, Oct. 15, 1942 - Scrap Drive WW2 - AD day Monday everywhere one looked he saw scrap metal. Children with wagons, wheelbarrows, carrying in baskets, sacks, men in their own or borrowed trucks, joh wagons pulled by two horses, passenger cars unloading precious metal, all joined to make a scene most pleasing to local citizens, but unpleasing to the Nazis. Several merchants loaned trucks to haul big loads. Much scrap was being dumped into the court house yard. This is donated and will be sold.

* Cynthiana News, July 25,1872 - Married, July 10 by Rev. James A. Henderson of Georgetown, Mr. James Davis to Mrs. America Griffith, both of this county. The bridegroom, aged 64, and the bride 54.

* William Wordsworth - It is the first mild day of March. Each minute sweeter than before There is a blessing in the air.

* Cynthiana Democrat, June 1, 1922 - Public Auction, June 10, 1922, of Monticello - The Old T. J. Megibben Home at Cynthiana, Ky., situated on a beautiful site overlooking Licking River, Cynthiana, eight main pikes; has 32 bright, sunny rooms, elevator, furnace and steam heat; electric lights; city water. This property has four acres of ground; servants house; large garage.

* Cynthiana News, Jan. 9, 1868 - We were informed last Monday that T. J. Megibben of this county had sold to a New York house, 60 thousand gallons of whisky for 51 thousand dollars, they paying the government tax.

* Log Cabin, Nov. 5, 1915 - Sunrise News - Rev. R. E. Mullikin and wife, J. T. Harper and wife, Miss May Miller, Miss Myrille Blackburn, and Miss Hulda Burns were guests of W. T. Browning and family Monday. Besides the splendid dinner that was spread, they had music galore. Mrs. Mullikin presiding at the organ, W. T. Browning with the cornet, and Rev. Mullikin at the head of the singers made music that was fit to entertain the most exacting.

* Martin Luther - Our Lord has written the promise of the resurrection - not in books alone, but in every leaf in springtime.

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