Museum Musings

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By The Staff

Horse Tales -- collected by the late George Slade.

*Cynthiana News, Feb. 25, 1869 -- Last Monday night about 9 oclock, J. L. Griffith, a young and prominent lawyer of this city, was crossing the bridge in a carriage in company with George Williams when the horse became frightened and ran off furiously throwing Mr. G. from the carriage, breaking his left leg just below the knee.

*Cynthiana News, Nov. 4, 1869 -- Last Monday night, Dr. Rutherford was called professionally to the southern part of our town on Main Street, and fastening his horse, stepped into the house where he remained but 10 minutes, and when he returned found his horse gone. The next morning the doctor found his horse at the Livery Stable. The boy there said that an Irishman had brought him there the night before, and had him fed well as he intended to use him in the morning.

*Cynthiana Democrat, May 8, 1885 -- The removal of the horse rack became a necessity from a sanitary point of view, and was not done to discommode the farmer. The hog pens located in the city limits must go also, and while these changes will temporarily raise the fur, the chances for cholera visitation will be obliviated.

*Log Cabin, Feb. 17, 1911 -- McMurtry Bros. on Wednesday shipped by express to George Wolf of Jackson, Penn., a car load of horses to be sold at auction next Monday.

*Berry Citizen, May 24, 1911 -- Connersville News: Lot Burgess delivered a load of hogs to Sadieville, and while there his horse became frightened at a passing train, ran against a fence, and was severely snagged in the breast. It required several stitches to close the lacerated flesh.

*Cynthiana Democrat, June 14, 1928 -- N.R. Parks, horseman, was awarded $500 in Harrison Circuit Court against the L&N railroad for damages to five horses and mules which had their tails chewed off by other animals in a shipment from Cynthiana to Oxford, N.C. in January.

It seems that Cynthiana has never been this poor little one-horse town (Mark Twain). Come visit the Cynthiana-Harrison County Museum, Fridays and Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. to see the horse memorabilia.