Museum Musings

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* Cynthiana Democrat, April 27, 1933 - “A section of the weights of the courthouse clock weighing about 1500 pounds fell from the cupola about nine o’clock Monday morning when the cable of twisted metal holding the weight broke sending it crashing through the second story to the stairway in the lobby, where it rolled down the steps to the first floor. No one was in the lobby at the time of the accident.”
* Cynthiana News, June 23, 1870 - “J. A. Welford shipped 200 barrels of A. Kellar Bourbon Whiskey to G. A. Fellows & Co., New York.”
* John Updike - “March - Some days are fair, and some are raw. The timid earth decides to thaw.”
* Log Cabin, Aug. 18, 1933 - Depression Days - “The County Relief Committee is issuing an appeal for contributions of empty jars and cans to be used for putting up fruits and vegetables to be distributed this winter through the relief office.”
* Cynthiana Democrat, March 16, 1915 - “James Murtry Jr., operator of the Livery Barn, northeast corner of Pike and Walnut streets, announces ‘Public Sale of Livery Stock and Equipment, Monday, March 22, Court Day. Having decided to go into Auto Livery Business will on the above date sell my entire Livery Outfit.’ A few of the items listed are 20 head good serviceable horses, all well broke, not afraid of autos, trains; 10 good rubber tire buggies, two phaetons, three doctor’s buggies, two surries, ine jersey wagon, one hack, one- two horsepower gasoline engines, several extra collars, robes, and blankets.”
Did you know that a visit to the Cynthiana-Harrison County Museum will enable you to view a weight from the courthouse clock and an original courthouse lamp? Do you know what a phaeton is? Did you know that there is a horse at the museum? The museum is open on Fridays and Saturdays, 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.