Museum Musings

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* March 20, 1930 - D. R. Beckett has removed his restaurant from the corner of Pike and Walnut streets to the corner of Walnut and Bridge, and is now open for business. The room he now occupies was formerly used as a confectionery by the late J. R. Daly and is known as the ‘Daly Block.’”
* Cynthiana Democrat, Aug. 13, 1936 - “Oldest Brick House in Cynthiana Makes Way for Gas Station - Another of Cynthiana’s landmarks is being razed and will be replaced by a modern rifling station for Ashland Refining Company. The building is the oldest brick house on record in Cynthiana, located at the corner of Main and Pleasant streets. It is a two story, built in 1805 by William Moore, a member of one of the pioneer families of Harrison County. When it is considered that only 13 years previous, in 1792, Kentucky had its first governor, Cynthiana was ‘taking on airs’ with such construction, as it was necessary to transport the materials by ox cart or wagon from Cincinnati or possibly Chicago. That the contractors of the day built mighty well is attested by the sturdiness of construction of the house now being torn away.” (Please read this again and consider the dates and the content of this 1936 newspaper clipping. Museum Curator Harold Slade has displayed pictures of these buildings.)
* Anne Dudley Bradstreet - “If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant.”
* Cynthiana Democrat, Aug. 4, 1931 - “‘Fairy Frost’ was accepted as the most suitable name for the new ice cream which the Cynthiana Ice Cream Co. will introduce in a very short time. The name was chosen from more than 200. It was submitted by C. M. Jewett, who will receive the $10 prize offered by the company. Miss Mildred B. Hill, of Route 2, was awarded the $5 prize for the best slogan for the ice cream. Miss Hill’s slogan was ‘Every Bite A Delight.’ The company has received some of its equipment The plant will be installed in the Cynthiana Dairy Co. building on West Pleasant and will be under the supervision of Ben G. Marsh.”
* Cynthiana Democrat, Feb. 6, 1930 - “Eddie Fitzgerald, expert welder and all-round mechanic, who has been with the Harrison County Motor Co. for more than seven years, and Pat McGill, an experienced mechanic, have leased the building on West Pike Street formerly occupied by Cynthiana Motors Co. and will open for business in the next few weeks under the firm name of Cynthiana Machine works. They will do all kinds of automobile repair work, acetylene welding, and machine shop jobs.”
* Unknown - “A new year is a magic chest. The gift of time is in it, so guard it well and do not lose one precious golden moment.”
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