Museum to celebrate 19th anniversary this weekend

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By Ben Hyatt

The Cynthiana-Harrison County Museum invites the community to celebrate the 19th anniversary of the museum’s existence.

A ceremony will be held at the Cynthiana-Harrison County Museum on Friday, July 19, from 8 to 9 a.m., to celebrate 19 years of service to the community.

“In conjunction with the anniversary, we are going to use the time to remember the late Harold Slade, who played the most influential part in the museum,” said museum volunteer Mary Grable. 

Originally housed two doors down from their current location on Walnut Street, the museum continues to grow thanks to the many donated artifacts given or on loan to the museum.

“We try and keep more Cynthiana history here at the museum,” explained Kenny Simpson. “Almost all the  things in the museum were either donated or are on loan from families around here.”

After the recent death of Slade, the museum is having to look further into more volunteers to keep the museum open to the public.

“When Harold was here he did a terrific job,” said Simpson. “He knew the stuff in here backwards and forwards and really enjoyed the history behind all of it.”

Simpson said the museum is now only open Friday and Saturday due to low volunteer numbers.

“We do what we can with what we have,” said Simpson. “This is something worth having in the community.”

Simpson and Grable explained that the museum is still offering free tours through the entire museum.

“I hope more take advantage of what is offered here,” said Simpson. “Our younger generation really need to have sense of what they came from and the history surrounding this community.”

During the Friday ceremony, a plaque will be presented to the museum in honor of Slade as well as a small presentation of facts surrounding the history of the museum.

“I hope that people will come and celebrate with us,” said Grable. “The main ceremony will be Friday morning but we plan on celebrating both days we are open this week.”

 The Cynthiana-Harrison county Museum is located at 112 S. Walnut St and are open Friday and Saturday. For more information on the museum or to schedule a tour contact them at 234-7179.