Mother congratulates son for earning Salutatorian honors

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By The Staff

To the editor:

I wanted to write a letter congratulating my son, Aaron Williams, for his graduation on Friday, June 5 from Harrison County High School. Aaron was recognized during commencement for being the only student to sweep the CATS scores for his entire high school career and he and J.D. Wright were recognized for receiving Commonwealth Diplomas.   Congratulations J.D.

 What everybody does not know is that when Aaron received his transcript after graduation, he found an error. Due to a computer glitch, he was given a ‘B’ on his transcript, which he did not earn. We contacted the school on Monday morning and straightened out the situation. Aaron was a Salutatorian and did not get recognized. The school has done everything they can to make it up to him, even having a little ceremony  on Wednesday morning and presenting him with his Salutatorian plaque. I really appreciate the efforts of the school to make this right.

 However, I did want some sort of public recognition of my son who has worked extremely hard throughout his entire school career. He has accomplished quite a lot, including being state champion in Extemporaneous Speaking, and will continue to do so. He will be attending Bellarmine University in the fall. But, since the newspaper didn’t deem it necessary to mention this in last week’s paper, I thought I would mention it now.

 So, Aaron, congratulations for all of your accomplishments thus far, including being Salutatorian. Your family is extremely proud of you!


Sherri Williams