More fire protection for the northern part of the county

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To the editor:

Living in the north end of Harrison County, I have big concerns about who is going to answer the fire calls out here since there has been some changes made -- big changes that may affect insurance rates, or may not. Do we in the Berry area have an A-rating or have we gone down hill?

We used to have volunteers here, close by so they could get the equipment sooner. Now it sounds like they will come from Cynthiana. So what has happened? We have good equipment here. Is it still here available for use? If not, why? Would that not downgrade the fire department?

It will also take longer for men to get out here to fight a fire - putting the citizens who live here at a bigger risk. But maybe you don’t care about this end of the county.

So, Mister Carson, will you please answer just what is going on - put it in the paper so we can all see.

Elsie L. Hendrickson

Berry, Ky.