Millersburg Garden Club decorates Wallis House

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Several members of the Millersburg Garden Club gathered on Nov. 25 and 26 to decorate the front (inside and outside) of the Wallis House on Pleasant Street in Paris.
Led by member Betty Overly, a new look was given to the front porch and doors this year: two wreaths and a transom plaque, laden with fresh apples, pineapples and greenery in the “della Robbia” style. Luca della Robbia, an Italian sculptor from Florence, was noted for his terra-cotta roundels. Two of his famous works are The Nativity, circa 1460 and Madonna and Child, circa 1475. Over the years, the della Robbia style has been seen in many different forms and is now closely associated with Colonial Williamsburg, Va.
Members of Millersburg Garden Club, Betty Overly, Clancy Robinson, Pat Wilson, Allison Cox and daughter Catherine, and Phyllis Guthrie have given the Wallis House a new, look on the front porch. Drive by the house at 616 Pleasant Street to see their works. Those who decorated inside are Sharon Helphinstine, Ann Blevins, Sue Craycraft and Phyllis Guthrie.
The next meeting of the garden club is set for Thursday, Dec. 6. Members will meet at Bourbon Heights Nursing Home where they will entertain the residents with song, poetry and dance. Gifts, made by club members will be presented to the residents following the entertainment. Members will then meet at the Wallis House for a lunch catered by Ed Taylor of Carlisle, followed by a business meeting and installation of new officers.
Officers to be installed are Linda Gillespie-president; Phyllis Guthrie-vice president; Marilyn West-recording secretary; Elaine Deutsch-treasurer; and Wilma Cleaver-corresponding secretary.
Millersburg Garden Club’s membership has grown to 51. Visitors are invited and encouraged to attend meetings by contacting one of the officers or any member.