Mike’s Minute

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The Cardinals' chances and the Wildcats’ offense

By Mike Aldridge

As I sit here on Tuesday it doesn’t look particularly good for my Cardinals, which probably makes many of you happy. 

Never have so many Reds fans taken up with an American League team like they have with the Red Sox or at least as they express themselves to me. 

That is okay though because there has always been the feeling among some fans of some teams that if your team isn’t good you can be against one that is good. 

Anyway, the Cardinals can’t seem to get David Ortiz out and that is really killing them. Ortiz is hitting at a phenomenal rate, which is good for him and the Red Sox and bad for the Cards. 

I say “good for him.”   

He seems like a good guy who, at an older age for a ball player, has lost weight and then stayed in shape to lengthen his career and play at a high level. 

His way of maintaining his career is vastly superior to the one taken by A-Rod and many others in baseball. 

I was completely against any of the suspended players being able to come back to make an impact on the playoffs and thankfully though some of them played none are in the World Series.  

Michael Wacha will pitch Wednesday, which is St. Louis’ best chance to win to take the series to the seventh game, and if it gets to seven then it is anyone’s series. 

I, for one, hope that the Redbirds can still find a way to win it all.

The Kentucky football offense problems can be solved, in my opinion, with one simple change. Run the dang ball. 

Against Mississippi State the Cats ran the ball with success, but then stopped doing it to try to run the “Air Raid” offense. One huge component of the “Air Raid” is the quarterback and Kentucky either doesn’t have one or isn’t playing him. 

Granted there is a lot that I don’t know about the quarterbacks since I don’t go to practice and such as that but the ones that are playing are just too inconsistent. 

So run the dang ball. Quit trying to be an offense that you are not equipped to be and wait for the “Air Raid” when you have a quarterback that can do the job. 

 By the way, if I am a red shirt quarterback and can’t play ahead of the two that are playing I am transferring.