Mike’s Minute

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Let’s never forget

By Mike Aldridge

Sports are a very important part of many people’s lives, including mine.  
But I believe that there are occasions that call for remembering other things that are much more important. Such is the case this week when we reflect on the 11th anniversary of the cowardly attack made by Muslim radicals on New York and the World Trade Center.  
The many people whose lives were lost and others whose lives were forever changed should be in our utmost thoughts and prayers during this week especially if not at all times.  
People who were simply going to work to support their families, flying for a vacation or their work, and those who daily are in harm’s way like fire, police and emergency personnel, all were victimized by the lunatics who have no regard for the lives of others or their own life.  
We should never forget the victims or the perpetrators of the deeds on that fateful day in September 2001.  
Forgive maybe, but never forget.
As you may recall sports in New York was a focal point of the beginning of the healing process after the attacks when the Yankees and the Mets both returned to the baseball diamond to resume, as normally as possible, after the crime.  
I refer to the attacks as crimes because they were simply criminal acts which are called crimes.  
Tragedies are events that cannot be helped, accidents etc; but these acts were planned and thought out as thoroughly as those types can think them out so they are therefore crimes.  
The baseball games were the beginning of the tradition of singing “God Bless America” in many ball parks during the seventh inning along with “Take Me Out to the Ball Game.” This is a fitting tribute each day that a game is played to honor the victims and the heroes of Sept. 11, 2001.  
Sometimes we all get wrapped up in winning and losing games, or at least many of us do, which in the big scheme of things, is not all that important.  
We often overlook what we should do in these games simply to win rather than to consider the big picture.  
During this week, if only this week, we should keep in mind that in the larger picture many things are more important than winning a game or a match.  
Keep these heroes and victims in your thoughts, in your heart and mind, thank them for all they did and what they sacrificed and continue to sacrifice for us.
On one other note, do you remember the song by Jay and the Americans called “Only in America?”  
The words of the song, in part, “Only in America, land of opportunity, could this and that be done freely.”  
I wonder if the sports department at WLEX hums that song to themselves while they are barred from sports information at the University of Kentucky.  
They committed the cardinal sin of reporting on the NCAA championship goings on without clearing it through the information Gods at UK.  They have since been excluded from interviews of Coach Calipari and other media events. Only In America.