Mid summer, slow time for high school sports

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Mike's Minute

By Mike Aldridge

The dead period for high school sports leaves a gap in activity which makes me kind of unfocused and almost disinterested in sports.  
I would much rather go to and write about high school sports than any other with the possible exception of a baseball game in St. Louis.  
Major League Baseball is so poorly covered by the Lexington media that it is hard to actually find out what is going on with anyone except maybe the Reds and as you probably know I am not a fan of the Red Legs.  
For the past several weeks, the Lexington paper has been an informational piece on basketball recruiting and little else except for a football recruiting story now and then.  
I realize that they are playing up to what they think is all central Kentucky sports fans care about -- UK basketball -- but there are a few of us who would rather see some other occasionally.  
It may only be few of us I know. But for the most part, the articles are based on speculation and little more.  
If all of the players that the paper claims have UK as their top choice come to school in Lexington, Coach Cal will have to have an “A” and “B” squad.  
I would rather see speculation on what is important in sports right now, which would be possible moves in baseball among the contenders to beef up their teams for a pennant run.  
The trading deadline is looming and so far I have seen nothing in the paper about any moves, not even by the Reds.  
There was a trade listed the other day, but I am talking about speculation like what if Phillips’ replacements fill in well while he is hurt, will the Reds try to move him etc.?
Last week, activity around the high school picked up considerably as the cross country teams had its first meeting and practice with new coach Deanna Lunsford and the golf team had tryouts at the Cynthiana Country Club.  
As has been mentioned several times, the high school and middle school football teams are into practice big time with the first games only a month away.  
I will begin this week with articles about the upcoming year in the different fall sports, which I hope will be informational and get the HCHS fans ready for a big fall.
Meanwhile, visit the Cynthiana Country Club this Friday and Saturday and watch some of the best female golfers in the state compete in the Burley Belles.  
Bring a lawn chair and position yourself around the ninth green.  
There is always some good golf to be seen in this tournament.