Medicare Part D Drug Plan open enrollment ends Dec. 7

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Don’t put off comparing your Medicare Part D Drug Plan for 2012. Starting this year the Medicare Part D Open Enrollment Period has been moved. It is now Oct. 15 to Dec. 7. It is vital that you compare your 2011 drug plans with new 2012 plans to make sure that you don’t wind up paying higher monthly premiums, higher deductibles and possibly paying for medications that were covered on your 2011 plan that are no longer covered in 2012. Even people with Medicaid benefits need to compare their plans because premiums can change every year as well as the list of medications the plans will pay for.
The State Health Insurance Assistance Program, better known as SHIP, is available not only to help with comparing your drug plans but to screen you for State and Federal benefits, such as financial assistance for medical, prescription, and grocery costs, that you might be entitled to receive but are not getting. By calling our helpline, we can help you complete applications for these extra benefits and we will provide you with summaries of your best options for drug plan coverage for 2012.
The SHIP Program is a non-profit organization that provides free assistance to people with Medicare. If you would like for SHIP to assist you with comparing your Medicare Part D drug plan or if you would like to be screened for money saving programs, call our helpline at 1-866-516-3051.