MCTC honors new Hall of Fame alumni

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Maysville Community and Technical College (MCTC) is honoring new Hall of Fame alumni Adrene Commodore.
As part of the Super Sunday initiative, Maysville Community and Technical College has nominated members to its Hall of Fame to highlight outstanding African-American alumni.
Adrene Commodore went to Maysville Community and Technical College (MCTC) with the intention of taking one nurse aide course. She needed the skills to help take care of an ailing mother.  
As a mother of two small children, Adrene saw the need to further her education after accepting a job as an aide at a local nursing home.  
She returned to the Licking Valley Campus of MCTC to take the next step in her allied health education and received training as a medication aide.
With two successful credentials under her belt, Adrene decided to take a real leap of faith and enroll full-time. She became part of one of the first night and weekend nursing programs in the state.  
The flexible schedule enabled Adrene to keep her job and care for her family while she earned her degree.
What was born out of necessity has become her passion. Adrene is now the assistant director of Grand Haven Nursing Home in Cynthiana.  
Adrene knows that with passion and persistence you can accomplish your goals.
“If you continue to work hard you can reach any goal you set for yourself,” said Adrene. “But you must have passion for what you are doing to succeed.”
Maysville Community and Technical College will sponsor Super Sunday at Scott United Methodist Church in Maysville, 118 E. Fourth St. from 12:30-3:30 p.m. on Feb. 27.
On this day, Maysville Community and Technical College and each of the other 15 Kentucky Community and Technical College System (KCTCS) colleges and System office will partner with churches in their communities to host information fairs for prospective college students and their families.
“We’re just really excited about the opportunity to be a part of this,” said MCTC president, Dr. Ed Story.  “We’d love to have students of all different cultures.”
Higher education for Cynthiana begins at Maysville Community and Technical College, and so it is a vital part of the KCTCS mission to increase the educational opportunities for people of color, including African-Americans and Latinos. Super Sunday is a statewide initiative intended to increase the college-going rate of students of color. Maysville Community and Technical College will partner with Scott United Methodist Church to reach out to parents and students to promote higher education.
Super Sunday will be an annual initiative for Maysville Community and Technical College.  In subsequent years, the program will be expanded to target students from other racial and ethnic groups, such as the emerging Latino population, as well as more church partners.
For most Kentuckians, higher education begins at one of the state’s 16 community and technical colleges. It is a vital part of the KCTCS mission to ensure the state’s diverse populations receive every opportunity to obtain a college education.  KCTCS’s Super Sunday is modeled after a highly successful program that California State University has hosted every year since 2005.
To read more about Super Sunday, visit kctcs.edu.