As mayor, Mattmiller will continue city’s improvements

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By The Staff

To the editor:

Isn’t it nice to see the new spirit that our little town is assuming? Everything seems brighter in town these days, from cleaner streets and kept yards to continuous progress at the park. We have gained a nice new bounce in our step and it seems that we are feeling a little good about ourselves right now. And we should!

It is my belied that the positive changes we are seeing can be traced directly to the hard work of our current city commissioners. More specifically, I believe that it is Mark Mattmiller’s hard work as Commissioner of Finance and Public Property that has most affected the positive changes we are seeing. If you know Mark at all, you know that he is a very positive person. He sees a problem, gets others to give input and then uses a team concept to implement change. Mark Mattmiller has the leadership skills we need in our mayor. I cannot imagine a better choice! Let’s make sure we keep up the positive direction by electing Mark Mattmiller mayor.

William Addison Thomson

Harrison County