A marquee wedding proposal

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By Becky Barnes

Harrison County High School sweethearts Andrea Rankin and Justin Wells were together nearly five years when they split up in 2003.
They met when Andrea was 14 years old during a shared P.E. class and made an instant connection.
However, following a short engagement, the couple decided to go their separate ways.
Their split was a total loss of contact with one another for eight years.
However, through what Justin calls “the wonder of social networking,” they reconnected in April.
After finding one another on facebook last spring, they have been inseparable.
Since their families are still in Cynthiana, it wasn’t a far-fetched story that Justin gave Andrea on Sept. 2 that they needed to come to Cynthiana.
As they walked down Pike Street, Andrea did what everyone who walks past the Rohs Opera house does. She looked at the marquee.
“Andrea, Will you marry me?” stood out in bold letters across the entrance to not only a historical building for Cynthiana, but historical in their relationship as well.
“When we first started ‘dating,’ I wasn’t allowed to go anywhere except the Rohs,” Andrea said. “So, our first 50 dates were at the Opera House.”
Added to the sentiment of the location, Justin found Andrea’s original engagement ring.
When the couple parted company in 2003, Justin sold the ring to a friend who was planning to reset the diamond.
However, eight years later, Justin asked the friend about the ring and explained that he would like to give Andrea her ring back.
As it happened, the ring was never reset.
Justin reclaimed the ring and its yellow gold setting. He had it remounted on white gold and dropped to one knee when he presented it to Andrea last month.
Justin is lead singer for the band Fifth on the Floor. Andrea is a student at Eastern Kentucky University.
Andrea said they had talked about getting married, but agreed they would wait awhile.
Now they are looking for a church in Harrison County to exchange their nuptials.
Andrea is the daughter of Burnie and Hattie Rankin  and Justin is the son of Ann and Jim Wells.