LVC students commend 10-year-old’s commitment to others

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By Sarah Kinney, Guest Columnist
Jonah Case, an 10-year-old Northside fourth grader, recently visited a college class at the Licking Valley Campus of Maysville Community and Technical College.
Jonah and LVC students collected aluminum can tabs to support Jarrett’s Joy Cart, a service at Kentucky Children’s Hospital in Lexington.
Jarrett’s Joy Cart, which delivers stuffed animals, puzzles, games, books and toys to hospital patients and other children who visit them, was named for Jarrett Mynear, a cancer patient from Nicholasville, who started the cart which was named in his honor.  Jarrett died on October 2, 2002.  
Since then, every Tuesday night, his family and/or volunteers come to deliver toys from the Joy Cart.  
Jonah Case was inspired by Jarrett to do something for others. He, with the help of his parents Mike and Layne Case (LVC students), have been collecting tabs since Jonah was in first grade.
At one time, he counted 3,000 tabs. He told the class that this helped him with his arithmetic. He also discovered that a thousand tabs weigh one pound.
Jonah’s interest in the project and the example he has set for others impressed the college students.
One of the students commented: “For a little guy to take the initiative and do something to help others caught the interest of our whole class. We were amazed that someone so young cares about things like this.”  
Another student was impressed that Jonah “picked up cans in the parking lot to get the tabs and that he also saves and recycles the cans.”
Each year since 2002 LVC students have collected tabs as a community service. The tabs are donated each May to the Harrison County Homemakers. That organization then sells the tabs and gives the proceeds to the Joy Cart project, which is run by volunteers and Jarrett’s family.
This year, as always, current and former students, as well as faculty, staff and friends of LVC have collected several gallons of tabs.
A book about Jarrett and his cart titled The Joy Cart, written by Emmy Award winning journalist and Lexington television anchorman, Marvin Bartlett is available at the Cynthiana-Harrison County Public Library.