Luck is overrated, but a charm is good to keep close

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By Ben Hyatt

I am a God fearing man so as far as luck is concerned, I don’t have much belief in it.
Well, that is almost all true.
I am a God fearing man and I don’t believe in luck for the most part.
However, there is one area that I think a little luck comes into play and I have my own “lucky charm” to help increase my chances of success.
I love to hunt and anyone who knows me well will confirm my passion for the great outdoors during hunting seasons.
Deer, turkey, quail and squirrel. It makes no difference.
I guess if I had a beard I would belong in Monroe County with the Robertson family from Duck Dynasty. Sometimes you just have the feeling to go out and trap or kill something.
Anyway, I am pretty successful in all areas of hunting except for one... turkey hunting.
It has been five years since I have even had the opportunity to see a gobbler in the wild.
Five years is a long dry spell when you consider the number of turkey that are in Harrison County.
It never fails. Every winter while I am in my deer stand I see all kinds of gobblers that would look great on my wall.
I keep telling them as they walk to my deer corn pile for a short snack... I will see you guys this spring.
However, I guess they forget that they are supposed to come back and see me. It’s only fair in my mind; they eat my corn so I should get to eat them.
Well,, it was opening morning for turkey season last Saturday.
I, of course, was in the woods trying to break the spell that was causing my five-year drought.
As I walked for nearly three miles total that morning, I heard nothing except other hunters taking their turn shooting at birds.
Of course my father-in-law, who is one of the best hunters I know, had bagged his first bird of the season before 9 a.m., opening morning.
That’s just not fair.
How does he do that every year almost?
I never had the chance to shoot a bird on the first day of the season.
So instead of setting myself up for another year of failure, I put aside my disbelief of luck and did what any desperate hunter would do.
When in a jam, get help from someone who knows more than you do.
I was able to convince my father-in-law to enter the field for a second time in one day, but not as a hunter, but rather a turkey caller and good luck charm.
Other than marrying my wife, it was the smartest thing I have ever done.
He was good luck.
I saw more birds that afternoon than I had seen the past five years including a 22 pound, four bearded gobbler that is now awaiting to be put on the wall.
So I still don’t believe in luck all that much, but it does not hurt to have a “lucky charm” just in case it does exists.