‘Mistakes have already been made’ by Washington politics

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By The Staff

To the editor:

The Founding Fathers dedicated themselves to ensuring that America would have a new form of government not seen before. They feared the institution of another monarchy or dictatorship. The intelligent and educated men gave birth to the first Republic of its kind. Their biggest fear was that the ambitious or ruthless would gain total power. Within the Constitution, they placed a safeguard hoping to prevent this. The separation of powers, into legislative, judicial, and executive branches, and checks and balances written into the Constitution, would keep any group or person from total control.

The “I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine” way of doing business in Washington over the last 50 years has overcome this safeguard. The House, Senate, and executive branches are controlled by one party. The supreme court is too activist, creating legislature from the bench. The press, which has historically been the watchdog of government, is very liberal. This all means that liberal and far left policy faces little opposition.

The Founding Fathers feared just this situation. Despite political alliance, citizens should be appalled at the speed with which bills are being passed, without adequate debate. Mistakes have already been made. Laws and programs are being instituted and trillions are being spent, without even time for legislators to read the bills! What’s the rush? The old idiom, haste makes waste, has already been proven with the massive stimulus bills and bailouts. Now, the same thing is being done with health care and energy (cap and trade). Next in line, education. These problems have existed for many years. Why is everything being treated as a crises? Citizens must stand up and make their opinion known. Remember, they work for us, not the other way around. We need to remind them of this.

Jennifer Harper

Harrison County