‘Connersville Cat’ mystery is exciting, says Harrison resident

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By The Staff

To the editor:

I have to admit, this whole mysterious Connersville cat thing is kind of exciting to me. Although the cat hasn’t eaten any humans yet, it reminds me of Jim Corbett and the man-eating leopard in India. Mr. Corbett, being a well-seasoned English Tiger hunter, was asked by the Indian government (India was under the English crown then) to hunt down and kill a man-eating leopard. If I’m not mistaken, it took eight years to get the cat! In spite of hunting it daily, the cat killed villagers at will the entire time.

Several problems hampered Jim’s efforts. First was the rough terrain of the area. Second, the cat’s home range was rather large. Third, the cat was mostly nocturnal and fourth, the cat preferred to eat people as opposed to the goats Jim had staked out for bait. The cat knew the score!

Today we have much more effective methods of capture than in the past, but maybe not as romantic! Snares and modified leg-hold traps work 24 hours a day, do a great job, but don’t discriminate in what they catch. I can’t help but think Jim Corbett would have delighted in their use.

Even though common sense and experience tells me coyotes killed the dog and it’s a feral house cat in those photos, I still want to believe there’s a potential man eater drinking out of Mill Creek this very moment.

Tim Casey

Harrison County