Lovelace Benefit organizers thank community

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To the editor:
We would like to take this opportunity to thank our community for the outpouring of love and support that was shown Saturday, Sept. 28, at Flat Run Veterans’ Park during the Larry Lovelace Benefit.
From the time we started organizing this in June we began receiving support from so many people. You wanted to help Larry in his battle with lymphoma cancer, because you love him as much as we do. Seeing the end result on Sept. 28 was an amazing thing that touched us in a way that is hard to describe.
To begin to name all those involved in this awesome expression of a community coming together for the better good is impossible. Because, for one thing the list is massive, and in the event that a name is left off, we would be devastated to hurt someone’s feelings when you have all been so good to help us in the way you have.
So, rather, we would like to thank our amazing small town community that we are so proud to be part of. Simply saying ‘Thank You’ seems so inadequate, but we hope that you know it comes from hearts full of love, gratitude and spilling over with emotion.
If it were not for you, we could never have accomplished what we did on that Saturday night. So many people in our midst have experienced hurt in recent times and events like this help us all to heal together, we truly believe. We have to come together in times like this. Our battle cry all along has been, “No one fights alone! We fight for Larry!”
We showed that on Sept. 28 and we think we also showed that we stand together strong … for those who have lost and for those continuing to fight … and what fighters we are.
Due to scheduling conflicts with the Farmer’s Market Shelter on the day of the benefit, we must give a lot of credit to Vickie Fryman and the Farmer’s Market Group. The shelter had been double booked and they had a craft fair scheduled that was originally supposed to run until 7 p.m. They met with us and graciously shortened their event in order to accommodate the needs of the Larry Lovelace Benefit.
We would like to express our appreciation for their kindness in working out this situation. Another example of a community coming together.
Again, we, along with Larry, Amanda and Ian, thank you for your generosity and for all that you have done. It was such a fun, perfect night to be part of the Cynthiana/Harrison County community!
Thank you and God Bless Each of You.
Cayce Collins
Kelly Watkins
Kathy Livingood