Lou Mary Marsh retires from Toddler Village Daycare

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To the editor:
There are few times in life when you meet someone who has been so remarkable that it moves one to write to the editor to express those thoughts. Today is one of those rare occasions. This week, Lou Mary Marsh will retire from Toddler Village Daycare at Harrison Memorial Hospital after 20 years of service.
My wife and I first met Lou Mary in 1998 when we arrived from Canada with two children requiring day care. All of our contacts referred us to Lou Mary and with good reason. As manager of the daycare, Lou Mary had a clean, well-stocked and coordinated facility. The staff she employed were consistently cheerful, patient and professional. The children always seemed happy, content and sufficiently challenged each and every day. Lou Mary had rules for everyone, including parents and she made sure they were followed. As anyone with children knows, it’s hard to have even a couple of children play in one area. Lou Mary and her team managed many children each day and it was generally very quiet and organized, surprisingly so.
We all know how easy it is to drive to daycare each day and robotically drop your child off for care, but often my wife and I spoke of the feeling of contentment. The idea that while we were busy at work, we never had to worry about the care our children were receiving. That feeling of ease is not always the case at every daycare. Incredibly there were times we encountered our children’s disappointment when we came to pick them up and they were not ready to leave.
Many birthdays, holidays, and even just new learning opportunities provided hours of entertainment for Lou Mary’s children. All good signs that the day care was well run on so many levels. And so today, we would like to acknowledge the outstanding leadership and our appreciation for all that Lou Mary has done for Toddler Village, the children, the parents and this community. We wish you many exciting years ahead in your retirement.
Dr. Derek and Doreen Clarke