Local museum is a jewel in our crown

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To the editor:
No matter how many times I visit our hometown museum I leave with more knowledge of our community’s history, more appreciation for Harold Slade and the Historical Society, and great pride for what I consider a jewel in the crown of our town.
A very good friend of mine from Cincinnati came down late Saturday for an overnight stay with us. She wanted to get a feel for the place I call home and go away having a “visual” picture of all the places I speak about when we’re together.
Besides getting the general tour of our downtown, the Hilltop, the Harrison County countryside and even a quick trip to Paris, I phoned Harold Slade Monday morning and took him up on his “by appointment” invitation to open the museum for my guest.
Harold was so accommodating, we met at a designated time and he gave my friend a private tour of our museum filled with answers to her questions and of course relaying all the wonderful stories about many of the exhibits in the museum. I am always astounded at the creativity, precision, and thought that has gone into the exhibits on display.
Our museum covers every aspect of life. Past history and present developments are connected by all the familiar names so rooted in our community. All the items on display – literally thousands of them--show the wealth of knowledge, hard work, community spirit, and love that make Cynthiana and Harrison County our home.
I want to thank Harold Slade and all those connected with our museum. There are not many communities like ours with a museum so expansive and complete. If you have not been to our museum or if you have not been lately, I urge you to go. It is a place our community should be very proud of and a place we should take advantage of and “show off” every chance we can.

Karen Bear