Livestock killed in two dog attacks

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Lee Kendall,
News Writer

Two separate incidences of livestock being attacked by unleashed dogs occurred in Harrison County last week.
On Monday, April 24, three dogs, allegedly owned by Sandra A. Catalano of KY 36 west, attacked and killed two calves that were being cared for by James Richardson.
Deputy sheriff Nathan Gasser said that one of the calves was dead when he arrived on the scene and the other was severely injured.
“I would guess that the dogs are probably safe with people, but that they had that pack mentality when they attacked those calves,” Gasser said. “One of the calves was eviscerated and the other had an ear chewed off and had other visible injuries.”
Gasser said that he observed blood on two of the dogs in question.
In his report on the incident, Gasser said that Richardson advised that a neighbor could hear the attack taking place and that the neighbor went to the farm and saw the dogs returning to their owner, Ms. Catalano.
Gasser also said that Catalano was reluctant to admit that it was her dogs that attacked and killed the calves.
“Based on all the evidence that I had, it was my opinion that her dogs did in fact attack those calves,” Gasser said. “I told her that I could not let those dogs stay there and possibly do something else. to someone else, or to someone else’s livestock.”
Harrison County Animal Control was called to the scene and took the three dogs to the Shropshire Animal Shelter.
Gasser cited Catalano with permitting a vicious dog to run at large. Her court date is May 8 in Harrison District Court.
The second attack happened on Wednesday, April 24 on Shadynook Pike.
Deputy Matt Royse was dispatched to Shadynook Pike in reference to two sheep that were killed by a German shepherd.
Upon arrival, Dep. Royse was advised by Jacob Yoeder that the dog attacked and killed two sheep owned by Mahlon Hostetile, on Yoeder’s farm.
Dep. Royse and animal control officer Allen Fryman made contact with a neighbor, Richard Corbin of Shaw Lane, whose property backs up to the Yoeder farm where the sheep were killed.
Corbin advised that his grandchildren saw the German shepherd chasing the sheep and eventually killing two of them. The dog was sitting on Corbin’s back porch and was taken into custody by Fryman.
Dep. Royse made contact with the dog’s owner, Tammy Brewer. She said that she would pay Hostetile whatever was needed for the loss of the sheep and would pay the animal shelter for the fees associated with her dog.