A little less conversation and a little more action

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To the editor:
For as long as I can remember, possibly 56 years, I have listened to talk about how badly the A. Keller dam needed repair. I am almost sure in that length of time the subject of the dam has come up in one conversation or another by every person seeking every political office offered in this jurisdiction.
As of yesterday, whatever day that maybe, no one has done anything to remedy the problem. Every once in a while I will hear a diehard office holder make a statement on WCYN about what he or she would do if it were up to them. To this date, I have heard no solution to the problem nor have I seen any attempt to do any positive act to remedy the problem.
Why do we vote these people in office if all they do is “talk” year after year term after term? Is there no one in the vicinity who will “actually” do something? If someone out there has an idea that would be considered a solution, bring it forth.
Every spring billions of precious water flows down the South Licking river. It floods everything. It costs thousands of dollars in damage to property. It affects school bus travel, that means lost education. In turn, that is lost state and federal funding. Don’t forget lost revenue from people who can’t get to work, or daycare or sitters can’t get to them.
Late summer comes. No rain since the first of June. Crops are dying. Trees are dying. Creeks dry up. We have to water our stock with chemically treated water from the county. They run low. We have water restrictions. The South Licking river is gone. You can walk the riverbed from A. Keller dam all the way to the dam in Cynthiana and hardly get your shoe tops wet. If there were any fish to fish or boats to access the fish, that’s gone too.
Most of all, the above could be history if only someone with a little initiative, some labor from young people out of work and a few dollars for some rocks and cement.
Has anyone of these “political people” ever gone on a real campaign to raise money, to ask for volunteers, to ask a few “idle” contractors for some supplies and a little supervision? If they have, I have not seen a flyer or heard an announcement to this affect.
I am not opening a line of rebuttals in this column. I am waiting to see some action. If you care about any of these problems go see one of your city fathers and get something going. It may be too late for this season to save any of the valuable water already lost down the river, but by September it will surely be dry enough to get in there and work on the dam.
An incentive award in exchange for labor from the young people might be a place to start. It has to be more than an earlier date of school dismissal or water to wash their car this summer. I’m sure all the persons of importance can put their heads together and agree to something feasible.
I give thanks for the freedom of speech and freedom of the press.

                                                                                                                                                Jayne C. Newman