Liquor-by-the-drink Sunday sales bad for Cynthiana

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To the editor:
I strongly disapprove of liquor-by-the-drink sales on Sundays in Cynthiana. I was disappointed not too long ago when liquor-by-the-drink was passed by the Cynthiana City Commission under the leadership of an interim mayor. A few of us spoke, but it was a done deal. That decision was unanimous. Shame. At least, Sunday sales were exempted. Now, the profit crowd wants Sunday, too. I invite other pastors and whosoever feels the same as I do to be present at the next City Commissioner’s meeting to voice our sentiments. The meeting is scheduled for this coming Tuesday, Oct. 8 at 5:30 at City Hall.
“Remember the sabbath to keep it holy.”
John L. Chamberlin, pastor
Faith Baptist Church