Lions Club Auction is next week

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By Becky Barnes

The Cynthiana Lions Club is going high-tech for the 52nd airing of its annual Charity Auction, which is next week.

Initially, the fund raiser was billed as the Lions Club Radio Auction and was broadcast solely on WCYN 1400.

Eventually the auction moved into the television age and began airing on Cable Channel 6.

Last year, the Computer Age entered the picture so that the event could be seen and heard outside of the Cynthiana and Harrison County area. Viewers and listeners were able to log on to a website that allowed them to view the antics of the men and women who make up the Lions Club.

This year, viewers will be able to text bids via cellular telephone. In the message area, type “Lion” followed by the item bidding on and the bid. The number to send that to is 47201.

According to event chairperson, Vicki Northcutt, listeners and viewers can expect great fun and great merchandise again this year. Some of those items for auction are a Tempurpedic mattress and box springs, a flowering pear tree and tobacco plants.

The auction will begin at 6:30 p.m. on Monday, March 23. It will air nightly from 6:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. Monday through Friday on WCYN AM 1400, Channel 6 and via web cam at www.aiscomputer.com.

Northcutt said Super Bucks will also be back this year to offer a chance to win a hole-in-one contest that will get the winner of that a $50,000 gift certificate to H.A. Jones toward the purchase of a new vehicle. Twenty-five names will be drawn from the paid Super Bucks. Those individuals will try for a hole-in-one at the Cynthiana Country Club.

A-Action Pest Control, Terry and Cindy Jones, have also donated a 37-inch flat screen television with surround sound and DVD as well as a $100 gift certificate to Movie Warehouse to give away as a Super Bucks prize.

To phone in a bid locally, call 234-9742. Out-of-town bidders can call toll free to 866-977-8323.