Let’s have a Happy New Year and a home court advantage

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Mike's Minute

By Mike Aldridge

When the Fillies traveled to Williamstown last Wednesday and won their first game of the year, I was reminded of what a good home court advantage can do for a high school team.  
While it is true that the Lady Demons lost this home game, what little crowd that was in attendance supporting them made its presence known.
When the Fillies went to the locker room for final instructions before the game, the Williamstown band practiced a 30-second song and a one minute ditty while the teams were in the locker room.  
One may have and some did wonder why the length of the song or shortness of the song in this case and why play tunes of these lengths.  I’ll tell you later.  
When the Fillies came back onto the floor before player introductions the band played the song that is played when there is a strip tease going on as to say that here comes a group of strippers.  
Then after the game began and the first time out was called, the band, which was right behind the Harrison County bench, played the 30-second song at full volume making it very difficult for Furnish to get her message to the team.  
The same occurred during a full time out when the minute version was played at a deafening tone so as to make hearing the coach very difficult.  
Gamesmanship at its best if you ask me.
It reminded me of my high school days and before at Tell City High School when the teams sat on the end and the band was right next to the visitors and played during time outs and even during the game occasionally.  
The cheerleaders, before each game, did a cheer that was a chant saying that we were glad the other team was there and we were going to win the game.  
They lined up along the side line and after the final buzzer sounded to send the teams to the bench for introductions the cheerleaders did this yell.  
Then during the games when the Marksmen would make a run, the band would play the William Tell Overture and a couple of football players would run up and down the floor with Tell City banners flying.  
This always got the student section involved more than they were already and believe me was intimidating to the visitors.  
(The William Tell Overture or the Lone Ranger theme song without the Hi Ho Silver was played since Tell City was named for William Tell.)
So, with all of this said, I would like to see some home cooking on the Hilltop.  
All in good fun yet making the visitors’ time in Cynthiana memorable in more ways than one.  
For the Fillies home games, I would start by playing Fat Bottomed Girls by Queen when the visitors come out onto the floor.  
It would be good if the Stable could learn the lyrics which are available on line like everything else.  
I would reposition the Stable and the band behind the visitor’s bench and put the visitors section directly across from it.
The band could then find a few songs that would have lyrics or a refrain that last one minute and/or 30 seconds to play during times out.   
Then the band could also find a peppier song than The Horse by Cliff Nobles to play during a time out when the Fillies or the Breds are making a run.  
We need to create some enthusiasm.  
The Stable masters I am sure can find some appropriate yet humorous cheers to give us an edge somehow.  
I haven’t thought of a song for the boys’ visiting teams yet, but of course Three Blind Mice, would be good for the officials.  Most of them have a sense of humor and would laugh at the reference.  
Just some thoughts going into the New Year. Hope everyone is having a Merry Christmas and will have the best of 2013.