Lesson on couponing will be presented at February meeting

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Curry Homemaker Club

Curry Homemaker Club members have been learning about security this year; the security of one’s person as well as one’s personal information. Technology provides us with so many avenues to conduct business and purchase goods and services, but it also provides criminals access to our financial information. These lessons gave us good tips and tools for protecting ourselves.
February will bring members a lesson on couponing. I am looking forward to learning about coupons and how to get the most use of them. With our economy today, it is essential that we use our resources wisely and get the most for our money. As consumers, we can use all the help we can get.
One aspect of the Homemaker Creed is to be a community leader who passes on (teachers or shares) to others the mastered skills and knowledge she/he possesses. If you ask me, this is the most important thing a Homemaker does. We should be striving to pass this knowledge on, not only to our contemporaries, but also to the younger generations. One way Homemakers does this is through the Recipe for Reading program for fifth grade students. They get to follow a recipe to prepare food and they get to eat what they prepared. It encourages them to read, use math and have some fun with healthy food.
As with any organization, we are only as good as our membership. Membership in a Homemaker club is open to anyone. If you are reading this and are not a member of Homemakers, please consider joining. You can help the Homemakers organization be a thriving and vital part of the community, now and for the future. There are several clubs to choose from and the kind folks at the extension office would be happy to give you meeting times, dates and club contact information.