Lack of support at Freedom Salute is a disappointment

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By The Staff

To the editor:

  I am appalled at the lack of support from the citizens of Cynthiana to the festivities last Saturday for C Company, 201st Engineering Battalion. As a father and father-in-law of two of the soldiers, it hits very close to home. Very few people were along the parade route, and at the awards ceremony the gym was barely half full - the vast majority being family members. These soldiers put their and their families lives on hold for a year to go support and defend freedom in probably the most dangerous place on earth. One of their troop gave his life in support of that mission and the meager turnout from the town is his and his fellow soldiers’ thanks?

  I would submit that everyone of those too busy to take a short period out of their lives to thank these brave men and women, get down on their knees tonight before they go to bed and thank God in heaven we have folks brave enough to do what they’ve done. It is because of men and women like this they can sleep in their beds tonight in safety and security. Maybe those that were too busy to say ‘thanks’ Saturday should think about that!

Rick Everroad

Columbus, Ind.