Kid’s College provided hands-on learning

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With 150 Kid’s College students enrolling at the MCTC/Licking Valley Campus, the week rolled off to a rousing start. The traditional summer  week of educational challenges along with many fun activities offered the students  a variety of choices for classes.
One of the major emphases at Kid’s College is that students are provided hands-on learning opportunities.
Kids performed skits, songs and had a dance-off. They also explored the elements of disasters on the planet, including volcanoes.   
The Cynthiana Fire Department taught a class with the arson dog and the smoke trailer.  
Students investigated and researched culinary options as well as put their hands and eyes to honing their photography skills.
Field trips were taken to the fire department, recycling center and Flat Run Park where they worked on water discoveries.
The photography students published a picture gazette of the week’s photo work.  
Kids built a town to demonstrate how mudslides can create deadly disasters. These were just a few of the opportunities and fun offered during the week.  
The Workforce personnel for  Licking Valley Campus, Leigh Ann Cockrell, Lennie Kenny and Leslie Storie wish to thank the community for supporting this challenging educational experience for  children. They also extend appreciation for the  many hours devoted to the activity by the faculty and staff and teachers for Kid’s College, parents, grandparents and friends.  
For more information about Kid’s College, contact Kinney at 859-234-6689 extension 105.