Kentucky Medication Aide course offered during night class at MCTC-LVC

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By The Staff

Beginning Feb. 10, 2009, the Licking Valley Campus of Maysville Community & Technical College will be offering a Kentucky Medication Aide Course for Certified Nursing Assistants.  Though this is not a new class offering at LVC, exciting changes have been made to make this class readily available to those seeking certification.

A certified nurse aide who has worked at least six months is eligible for KMA training. Kentucky Medication Aides (KMA) dispense specific medications under the supervision of licensed nurses (RN or LPN), and are often employed by long-term care facilities. KMA training includes classroom theory, laboratory practice and clinical experience under the direction of a licensed nurse.  KMA certified employees earn an average income of $26,000 in Kentucky and are continually in high demand. This program is a great option for nursing assistants looking to further their career with short term training.

This will be the first time KMA is offered during evening hours.  Classes will be held on Tuesday’s from 4:00-9:00 p.m. with Alison Hendricks as the instructor.  Hendricks has taught several CNA students seeking KMA certification and has witnessed the struggle to meet the financial obligations and overcome scheduling barriers.

In prior semesters, KMA has been offered during daytime hours, requiring first shift workers to trade paid working hours for unpaid class time.  With this new evening class, most students will not have to sacrifice a pay cut to continue their education.  In the past, this 80-hour class was held twice a week, but will now be offered one day each week to allow more study time between classes.

Also for the first time, there are scholarships available for KMA students.   Federal financial aid is not provided for this certification course, which has created problems for students. Though some employers will provide tuition assistance, many do not. 

Karey Smith, LVC Continuing Education Coordinator, has been rallying community support to help provide financial assistance to students enrolled in certification classes.  Through a very generous local contribution from a group whom wish to remain anonymous, scholarships will be awarded for the spring 2009 KMA course. 

“The demand between work, family, and class really takes a toll on students. In a slowing economy, we want to offer every opportunity for the current workforce to advance in their careers,” said Smith.

Smith has assisted KMA students by offering payment plans and working with supervisors to accommodate students’ schedules. 

“Hopefully, we will be able to serve those who would not otherwise be able to further their education by offering a new schedule and financial assistance,” said Smith.

Anyone interested in enrolling in the Kentucky Medication Aide class or applying for the KMA scholarships, contact Karey Smith 859-234-8626 extension 66429. The deadline for enrollment is Feb. 4, 2009. Also, any individuals or groups interested in contributing scholarships for classes such as KMA, please contact Smith for more information.