Kelat community has been overlooked for too long

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By The Staff

To the editor:

I have lived in the small community of Kelat for 23 years. I raised my children here and three of my grandchildren have lived here most of their lives. Has Cynthiana forgot this is a part of their county too?

On Friday night, my neighbor had an unwanted visitor. The man was screaming and trying to take things from my neighbor’s house. I could hear my neighbor ask him to leave. When the visitor wouldn’t leave, my neighbor called the sheriff. When deputies arrived, they did nothing. The visitor said he lived there and owned the house. When the deputy left, my neighbor went in his house and the visitor went on and carried out what he wanted.

Does that mean if anybody comes to my house and says they own it, they can take whatever they want?

On Saturday night, a drunk drove up and down the road. They would take off fast and be all over the road. Then, one of them decided to walk the streets. I was going to call the law, but two people had already called. No one ever came. This isn’t the only time this has happened. It happens a lot.

For years, we have tried to get Kelat cleaned up. This has gone on for years. There was this big thing about the house that was standing on Church Street that had been burned. Before long, it was gone. We have a burned house right as you come into Kelat and it has been here for about 20 years.

What about the junk in the yards? What about the cars all over Kelat that don’t run and haven’t for years? What about the rats I fight every day? We will never get rid of them as long as they have all this junk to live under.

I could move, but the way this place is, I would never stand a chance of selling it and getting out of my farm what I have in it.

Why can’t we get help around here?

Kathy Wiglesworth