Just when I thought it couldn’t be worse

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Mike's Minute

By Mike Aldridge

I haven’t had a high opinion of the New York Jets really since Joe Willie Namath, but especially with Buddy Ryan’s son Rex as the head coach.  
Buddy was a blow hard and a loud mouth but he had a sense of humor about him and wasn’t real vulgar.  
Rex, on the other hand, has shot his mouth off, swore at every occasion and has put his foot in his mouth so many times he has athlete’s lips.  
His twin brother, Rob, used to be the best friend of the NFC East’s offenses when he was Dallas’ defensive coordinator, but he doesn’t have that job now.  
Instead he is the defensive coordinator for New Orleans so the NFC South gets a break.
When I heard that the J-E-T-S, JETS, JETS, JETS had released Tim Tebow the day after the NFL draft it didn’t dawn on me immediately what the impact would be.  
Tebow, who has won as many playoff games at quarterback as Tony Romo of the Dallas Cowboys, is not only out of a job, but on the very day that all rosters are full of draft choices.  
Romo, as you probably know, just signed a contract for $55 million with the not so bright Cowboys.  
The low part of this whole ordeal is that the Jets knew, had to know, weeks ago that Tebow wasn’t in their plans but instead of releasing him earlier, waited until he would have no where to go but maybe the Canadian Football League.  
It was just a sorry move by a sorry coach in a sorry organization.  
The CFL might be the answer for Tebow, who is more of a running quarterback than a passer.  
There is also less prejudice against a Christian man in the media in Canada than in the liberal press of the eastern United States so he is better off in that regard as well.
There is no question that he struggles with accuracy throwing the ball and the Jets were within their rights to release him based on talent.  
There is more to winning than talent as Steelers fans know because Tebow’s Broncos beat the Steelers in the playoffs when Pittsburgh was at least 10 points better.  
Heart is a quality that is difficult at best to measure and Tebow has heart.  
He also has brains and character, which is more than one can say about the Jets.  
Here’s wishing him well and good luck.