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Handmade jewelry gives heirloom silver a new look

By Kate Darnell

It was in her grandmother’s jewelry drawer where Susan Davisson found her inspiration.

“Well, that’s kind of neat,” Davisson said as she admired a pendant made from a fork.

For Davisson, it was the beginning of a business.

“I can make that,” she said to herself.

On Friday morning, Davisson sat in Teabeary’s gift shop on Pike Street constructing bracelets that are sold in the same store, at ‘Between Friends’ in Georgetown and online at www.jewelrybythespoonful.com.

“I just bought some old silverware and tried to do it,” Davisson said, laughing.

Davisson’s jewelry collection, all created from silver utensils dating from the late 1800s to the mid 1900s, now includes pendants, bracelets, earrings, rings, necklaces and keychains.

Originally the director of the Rape Crisis Center in Owensboro, Davisson (a 1988 Harrison County High School grad) said she moved back home to Cynthiana to raise her two sons Alec, 6, and Adam, 2, with her husband Eric, a Federal Express employee.

While Davisson said she planned to stay home with her kids for a couple years, she never planned to have a jewelry-making career and business.

“I had never made jewelry in my life,” she said.

With power tools in hand, Davisson said she began a trial-and-error period.

“I didn’t know anything about power tools,” Davisson said.

Davisson’s work begins at auctions, antique stores and thrift stores, where she buys old silverware.

“Half the people in Cynthiana are looking for silverware for me,” she said, again laughing. “I’m the spoon woman.”

Davisson said she also collects heirloom silverware from customers who would rather wear their grandmother’s spoon as a necklace than use it at a table.

“I make jewelry out of silverware, not silverware jewelry,” Davisson said. “I want it to be jewelry that just so happens to be silverware.”

Her jewelry ranges in price from $10 to $35.

Davisson is the daughter of Robert and Sandra Zumwalt.

For more about Davisson's business, see this week's Cynthiana Democrat.