Is it time to line the court with security?

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Mike’s Minute

By Mike Aldridge

A couple of soccer notes before I get into my thought for the week.  

Christian Carey signed to play for Northern Kentucky University of the Atlantic 10 last week. 

It will be very challenging to play Division I soccer, but I am sure Christian is up to the task.  

Also, Jeff Kinney has accepted the Fillies’ soccer head coach position to follow Kim Jenkins. This is a great decision by the powers of the school system to bring on a man whom the girls like and will play hard for as well as respect.

Last week, a student from the University of California Santa Barbara ran onto the floor and confronted the University of Hawaii coach Gib Arnold as Arnold was disputing a call.  

The student (fan) was only indentified as a senior at the California school.  

The incident happened after Hawaii guard Brandon Spearman was called for an intentional foul and Arnold was disagreeing and discussing with the official who made the call.  

The Rainbow Warriors and the Gauchos were having a closely contested, spirited game and emotions were running high amongst the fans in attendance.  

Santa Barbara’s coach Bob Williams stated that he was amazed at what had happened and apologized to Arnold for the incident.

In this case, an apology served the purpose, but so many bad things could have come of this the incident cries out for changes to be made.  

The Hawaii players did push the fan away from their coach, but what if they had not been in control of their emotions and one of them would have punched the intruder?  

A melee could have broken out, which would have put even an uglier face on the game.  

One might ask “where was security?”  

There were security people around, but no one expects someone to just run out on the floor.  

Take our situation at Harrison County High School games. There are no better security people than Joe Nichols and Robert Walker. Bow Switzer also stands by the student section in most cases. However, what if someone on the opposite side of the floor decided to run onto the floor?  

They would be on it as fast as humanly possible, but is that fast enough?  

What have we come to in this country when a simple basketball game cannot be played without someone who is temporarily deranged accosting the coach on the floor?  

I do not believe that this will ever happen here and if someone tried I feel sure that the situation would be diffused in short order.  

But after one incident in college will there be copycats do it again?  

The punishment for the Santa Barbara student had not been determined as of this writing. There have been calls for his expulsion to “let’s see what his previous record is and act accordingly.”  

Expelling the student seems harsh but the potential harm that could happen when someone runs down onto the floor calls for swift and hard measures.

 Let’s hope that there are no repeat performances around the country as the college conference tournaments get underway and emotions rise to a fever pitch.