It could be worse...

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We could be in Atlanta

By Becky Barnes

It could be worse. We could live in Atlanta where salt is only for the table; where a snow like the one two weeks ago cripples the city and ice in the forecast for Wednesday.


Or we could live here where our road departments have salt on hand, though a dwindling stock for sure.
We have three fantastic road crews making sure we can get to and from work or the grocery or to our doctors.
The state crews handle the primary roads through the county. There are also county-maintained primary roads. And Cynthiana has its own crew.
During these recent weeks of storm after storm, these fellas have had their hands full trying to keep up with all that has fallen from the heavens.
In some cases, where the sun never hits the road, there are still slick spots. They may be there until the spring thaw.
And when will that be?
Chris Bailey, who writes a blog at kyweathercenter.com and is the chief meteorologist at WKYT, said 60s in his prediction for sometime next week.
That sounds promising.
On Tuesday, I noticed snow piles that had been formed with scraper blades had no melt seeping from their edges. It was sunny, albeit not warm, but one would think just the sun’s convection would have some melting affects.
It’s almost like the snow came from a spray can and will never go away. I likened it to the Christmas spray that flocks windows and doors and will be there until next Christmas unless scraped away with a razor blade.
I’m ready for all of it to just go away.
I’m optimistic that a couple of 60-degree days will take care of the gray matter.
I know everyone will be glad to see the snow go away and warmer days ahead.