Isaac gets career start at MCTC/Licking Valley Campus

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“MCTC/Licking Valley Campus was an answer to my prayers. While working and taking care of my family, I was able to be successful as a student because of the flexibility of course work,” said Susan Isaac, PTA, CLT at Harrison Memorial Hospital.  
Isaac began her college education at the Licking Valley Campus of Maysville Community and Technical College.  
She began taking classes approximately the second year LVC was opened. Her first class was a computer class and she went on to take all her prerequisites while attending the Licking Valley Campus.
Next, Isaac transferred to Midway to receive an associate degree as a physical therapy assistant.  
About 13 years ago, she also received her certification as a lymphedema therapist specializing in treatment of chronic swelling.  
Lymphedema occurs when you have an insult to your lymphatic system causing chronic swelling that is very painful and affects patients emotionally as well as physically.    
Isaac treats patients with chronic swelling and lymphedema at Harrison Memorial Hospital. Manual lymph drainage/complete decongestive therapy decreases pain and swelling, promotes overall healing in the body enhancing quality of life.   
Patients are referred to the rehabilitation department by their physician.  
“I love my job and I could not have done this without the good start the school gave me. Smaller class sizes gave me one-on-one attention,” she said. “Today, I feel it is an honor for patients to trust their healthcare to me and I look forward to a long career.”  
Isaac is from Cynthiana and is a 1976 graduate of Harrison County High School. She has two daughters, Alison, 31, and Betsy, 27, and one grandson, Forrest, 6.  
K. Bruce Florence says, “I am so proud of this alumnae. She is a wonderful example of the kind of work we are attempting to do here at Licking Valley Campus.”

For more information about starting your college education at LVC, stop in or call 859-234-8626 extension 66400.  For information on the treatment of lymphedema and chronic swelling, contact Isaac at Harrison Memorial Hospital at 235-3550 or email susan.isaac0@gmail.com.