Informed voting

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To the editor:
Now that we know what “marriage” is, we can place this into the same context as what we must eat! Let’s see what’s next. I know we’ve been told wat kind of car we must buy, but let’s go a little further. What sporting event must we go to? Maybe we should eliminate opera, classical music and just listen to jazz!
Christian values are almost ancient history, let’s forget who we are and live whatever way we want to! Can you imagine the slippery road we are going down? Come on people! Wake up!
We are our brother’s keepers and we seek more discipline and love for life - young and old.
I have confidence in our American way of life and the Constitution which has made us a strong country. Be aware of our elected officials and their way of responding to our constitutional rights. Know your candidates and what they stand for.
Vote intelligently.
John C. Schreiber