If you want the best... vote Adkins

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To the editor:
The best Congressional candidate on the ballot Nov. 6 is without a doubt Bill Adkins, a native son, born in Letcher County. Knowing he was born in Letcher County, you won’t be surprised to learn he worked as a track laborer for the L&N railroad, in coal mines, and in construction on the way to earning his law degree in 1999. He knows the pride of the labor of his work and of striving for a better future. He wants to help build a better future for all Kentuckians.
I’m a Grant County resident who has seen Bill Adkins steadfastly work for his clients, his party, his community and for the most vulnerable of our community who are often overlooked. I will vote for Bill Adkins because I believe he will bring a balanced, fair minded approach to every issue he tackles when he represents me in Congress.
Would I prefer to have a Congressman who knows the struggles of average people or someone like his opponent who was handed his silver spoon? I’ll take the person who has worked for every success. Bill possesses the grit of a fighter. When the topic of “privatizing” Social Security or “voucher-izing” Medicare is debated - and it will be - Bill Adkins will be on the side of protecting these important safety nets for Seniors.
To strengthen the middle class, Bill will work to secure up-to-date training facilities to prepare Kentucky workers with important skills needed in well-paying advanced manufacturing technologies and jobs of the future.
Unlike his opponent, Bill Adkins has the perseverance to stick with what he tackles. He has the understanding of the issues which enabled him to agree to debate anywhere and anytime with his opponent, but those offers have been declined. You have to ask yourself why Massie can plant huge signs at strategic locations, yet avoid every opportunity to discuss the issues in open forum. I’ll go with the candidate who can stand and deliver - Bill Adkins!

Michele Workman
Dry Ridge, Ky.