How should Christians vote?

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To the editor:
No Christian should have voted for Obama. All Christians should believe and follow the teaching of the Holy Bible as handed down to us via more than 5000 manuscripts and manuscript fragments and presented in English in the Authorized King James Version.
Had all professing Christians acted upon what they profess to believe when they claim to be a Christian, then President Obama would not be looking forward to his second term.  Without a doubt the Scripture teaches that murder is wrong and that marriage is to be one man and one woman joined together for a lifetime.  Now we have to look forward to the continuation of the promotion of abortion and the likelihood of the legalization of same sex marriage and forced euthanasia.  Shame on us!!!
Worse yet, we have to look forward to the judgment of God for having failed to practice what is implied when we accept the title of Christian.   Jesus Christ himself said, as recorded in John 10:35, “the scripture cannot be broken.”  When its commandments are ignored and repentance is not forthcoming, then its pronounced judgments are sure to follow.  Look out America!

Edith Rowand