How can we help?

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Mike's Minute

By Mike Aldridge

In his first post game interview as a high school coach, Jim Carr made mention that our opposition was bigger and stronger than we were and if you attended the game, he didn’t need to tell you that.  
It was evident by looking at the teams and seeing the dominance of Sheldon Clark’s line early in the game.  
Harrison County was better conditioned and played more evenly in the second half, but the difference was critical when one considers the outcome of the game.  
What can the every day normal Harrison Countian do about this? Let me give you some ways we can all help.
According to the KHSAA website, Sheldon Clark has 334 boys in grades 9 thru 12 while Harrison County has 479.  That is 145 more to choose from here than there.  
Harrison County has approximately 40 players on the roster, Sheldon Clark lists 23 on the KHSAA website though I would swear there were more Saturday night.  That is a 17-player advantage for Harrison County and both rosters have freshmen on them. Both schools have less than 10 percent of eligible boys on the team.  That is not a good sign for either but frankly we don’t really care about Sheldon Clark.  
One thing we can do is encourage our sons, grandsons, nephews etc. to play a sport and, for this exercise, football.  
The school needs to have more numbers on the field to be a success.  
A famous football coach once said “When the whistle blows on Friday night, the best 11 kids in your school need to be on the field.”  
I am saying nothing against the boys who are out there on the field now, but if less than 10 percent of the school population is out there it is hard to imagine that all of the better boys are out there.  
Granted some of Harrison County’s are playing soccer and so be it, but there are still others and we all know that.  
I am not referring to the three seniors that didn’t come out either.  
This is written in general terms carrying no hidden meanings. So that is “way” No. 1: Get more players out.
Way No. 2 is to keep players out once they come out.  
There is no way to count or know if there were actually any in the next category and let’s hope there is not.  But do we know how many young players from middle school down to peewee that have been driven away by poor coaching?  
Over zealous win-at-all-cost coaches who instead of instructing football fundamentals and teaching the game have worked on trick plays and using drafting tricks to have the better players all on one team.  
Coaches who don’t play everyone or try to run the score up in peewee or youth games for whatever reasons can also be an issue.  
Again, let’s hope that is not a problem here.
Another way that one may not consider that could really help the football program and other sports programs here in Harrison County and that would be to recruit.  
Recruit new industry to Harrison County so that there are more students to choose from when it comes to players.  
How can you help with this?  
Harrison County just put on board a new person to try to lure businesses to relocate to our fair city/county.  
We can help her by always putting our best foot forward in regards to our everyday lives.  
Harrison County, instead of being the litter capital of central Kentucky, could actually stop throwing trash on the side of the roads and dumping washers into the river to show visitors that we are concerned about how our county looks.  
We could cut the weeds in the curb in front of our house instead of waiting for the mowing genie to come by and do it.  
We could not throw mattresses down by the curb until the trash man comes in a day or so who might pick it up.  
In short, clean up our city and county so a visiting company might want to come here to relocate thus bringing new people and new kids to our school.  
I know it’s a stretch, but all of these ways could help the sports programs have more players. Or, we can continue to strive for the newest Guinness record of amount of trash thrown per capita.