Hospice is important and needs our support

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To the editor:

I know there are many charities with great good, but, have you ever been in need of something and found out the only way to receive it is through someone else?
That is the way it works with those in need of care and compassion with Hospice.
I experienced the total of their program in 2012-2013 when my wife was ill and put under the care of Hospice until her death last June.
If you are not aware of all the great work they do, take a few minutes and explore the good works they do for our communities regardless of cost without cost to the patient.
The future of this program is in jeopardy with cuts in the Medicare program affecting the ability to assist those in need of their help.
The cuts in funding for this non profit program that does so much to help all in need, at a time when it is needed most, the last period of life, is real and deep.
The savings to the community is enormous and the care to the patient is above expectations.
I ask everyone, please get involved and contact local, state and federal officials to get this program the deserved funding so anyone in need of this program can be offered the care without having to worry about being alone or not being able to receive quality care.
I can tell you first hand that your efforts to help Hospice will help someone, your neighbor, a loved one, even you, to enjoy the full of life without having the burden of worry that goes with illness.
Take a moment to find out more and help them help others.

Dan Yates
Paris, Ky.