Hooray for spring's arrival

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By Kate Darnell

Awwwww... spring.

I never seem to notice how the weather depicts my mood, until the hint of spring arrives, as it did last weekend.

“Why am I so uncontrollably happy?” I thought to myself as I drove around town Saturday morning.

My car windows were rolled down and a breeze swept over my bare arms.

On a walk Sunday evening, I watched as families played softball and enjoyed picnics at the Handy Farm park.

It was this weekend’s spring weather that urged me (and what appeared to be so many others) to come and stay outside.

The first glimpse of spring is always refreshing, isn’t it?

The bare trees and plants of winter begin to resurrect themselves after what always seems to be a long winter.

The smell of freshly mowed grass permeates the air.

Voices of playing children fill the streets that only months ago were covered in snow.

And everything seems right with the world.

Summer will soon come and bring with it a heat that seems to consume all that it touches.

But for now, we can only dance in the parade of spring.

Thank goodness it continues to come every year.