Honor Roll

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St. Edward Catholic School

The St. Edward Catholic School Honor Roll for the first nine-weeks include:
First Grade - A/B honor roll
Avery Barnes, Kaitlin Bary, Olivia Barry, Karley Furnish, Jacob Hargett, A.J. Perraut, Rylee Spence.

Second Grade - A/B honor roll
Jacob LaFleur, Sydney Furnish, Courntey Collins.

Third Grade
Victoria Gasser, Morgan Cooper, Ian Boland, Nicholas Barry.

School Honors - second grade
Seaanna Skinner, Rachel Rion, Samuel Finch.

Fourth Grade - A/B honor roll
Lucy Barry, Maria Furnish, Eli Hargett, Riley Switzer, Payton Walker.

Fifth Grade - A/B honor roll
Kyle Barnes, Clay Furnish, Nicholas LaFleur, John Taylor Schreiber.

School Honors - fourth grade
Mynor Spence.